What's a sugar girl?

What’s a sugar girl?

A sugar girl is someone who is strong enough to show who she is. She wants to stand out. She wants people to look at her with awe.

A sugar girl is someone who isn’t scared to be individual. She feels as though the more original, the better.

A sugar girl isn’t scared to have a good time. She is funny, charismatic and beautiful. She leaves a mark on everyones life, and will be missed when gone.

Wearing a sugar top isn’t just a fashion statement, it is to show your true self, and to have fun with it. Life has it’s ups and downs, but a sugar girl never gives up. She has dreams to achieve, and parties to attend. She has a full life ahead of her full of joy and laughter. Nothing can stand in her way.

She is a beautiful young woman, living in her own world that she created herself.

Are you a sugar girl?